Hedging the dimensions issue

All the links for the new products announced during the keynote are now live. I started wondering about the claim that the 12″ PowerBook is the “smallest PowerBook ever.” Surely it’s not smaller than an iBook? or a Duo?

Here are the dimensions as they stack up. Steve wasn’t idly boasting, but it depends on how you cut the figures:

Dimension PowerBook Duo 210 iBook PowerBook G4 12″
Width (inches) 10.9 11.2 10.9
Depth (inches) 8.5 9.06 8.6
Thickness (inches) 1.4 1.35 1.18
Volume (cubic inches) 129.7 136.99 110.6
Weight (pounds) 4.2 4.9 4.6
Image PowerBook Duo 210 White iBook - 12 inch PowerBook G4 - 12 inch

So the new 12″ PowerBook is a little deeper and heavier than the old Duo 210, but still smaller in terms of overall volume. Quibbling aside, this is pretty cool—I never thought we’d see a machine close to the Duo’s form factor from Apple ever again.