Becoming Blogcritical

Like Greg, I’ve gone into syndication. While Greg is a contributor to the Political State Report, I’ve joined Blogcritics, Eric Olsen’s collective blog for reviews. I’ll continue to publish my reviews here, but they’ll also appear on Blogcritics, where they’ll get a wider audience. My first posting is an extended version of my review of the Cheeselords’ album from earlier this week. Maybe, if I can find a site that offers referer bounties, I can post my beer reviews there too…

Talkin’ PowerBook G3 Battery Charging Blues

When I plugged in my PowerBook this morning, the icon in the menu bar that indicates battery status didn’t change to show it was plugged in. Uh oh, I thought. The last two times that happened I had to replace the AC adapter. But this time the adapter doesn’t look damaged? Is it the famous “power management reset” problem? No, apparently not, if the instructions I got for resetting the power management unit are any good.

Boy I wish the Apple store in Bellevue had opened already.