Google dance… I exist again

A while ago, I griped about the difficulties of moving to a new domain—in particular, Google kept pointing everyone to my old site. That seems to be in the process of correcting itself. I knew we were getting closer when I started seeing a lot more referrals to my site from Google and its search affiliates. But as of today, the handy-dandy PageRank meter in the Google Toolbar shows that this incarnation of my site has moved up to 5 out of 10. (Of course, my old site at is still 6 out of 10, but that will drop off as the content becomes staler and staler.) Also, the quick search test (ego-surfing for my own name on this site, vs. at my old site) is much less out of whack; the old site now shows 6,940 hits, vs. 7,830 at the new site.

This seems to be what is meant by the term “Google dance.” I guess the master index got updated in the last few days.

Skiless in Seattle

We had planned to go skiing this weekend—for me, it would have been the first time skiing since high school—but reality intervened. First, taking down the tree took much, much longer than expected. Second, we woke up on Sunday, looked at each other, and said, “Maybe we’d better go sightseeing instead.” (This week was also the week we started going to the gym again, and I don’t think either of us felt up to a day on the slopes yet.)

In our defense, the snow isn’t great here yet. The relative drought we’ve had in Seattle this fall and winter has also affected snowfall at the skiing resorts. On Friday the western section of Snoqualmie Pass had only about 40 inches of base. (I’m told that’s not a lot.)

So we drove north, since we hadn’t explored in that direction yet, to Bellingham. Which, coincidentally, is the home of Orchard Street Brewing Company. Which, sadly, turns out to be closed on Sundays. Ah well: another time, perhaps…