Google dance… I exist again

A while ago, I griped about the difficulties of moving to a new domain—in particular, Google kept pointing everyone to my old site. That seems to be in the process of correcting itself. I knew we were getting closer when I started seeing a lot more referrals to my site from Google and its search affiliates. But as of today, the handy-dandy PageRank meter in the Google Toolbar shows that this incarnation of my site has moved up to 5 out of 10. (Of course, my old site at is still 6 out of 10, but that will drop off as the content becomes staler and staler.) Also, the quick search test (ego-surfing for my own name on this site, vs. at my old site) is much less out of whack; the old site now shows 6,940 hits, vs. 7,830 at the new site.

This seems to be what is meant by the term “Google dance.” I guess the master index got updated in the last few days.