The Scandal Map

Lance Knobel: Scandal map. Draws the lines between Enron, Worldcom, Merrill Lynch, Martha Stewart, the California Energy Crisis, and emerging financial scandals. Dense and engrossing. Needs dice and cute player tokens (“no, I want to play as the decoupage! OK, then I’ll be the big oil barrel!”).

Georgia landslide

Greg points to the primary results in Georgia. Of particular note: “Cynthia McKinney, a 10-year incumbent, lost her primary by 16 points.” My question to Greg: Now that she’s out of the picture, what are you going to do next? (Other than play Soup Dragons–oh, and I suppose Jesus Jones, if you must, though I ceased being a fan about 10 years ago.)

Seriously, there are a couple of worthy candidates in need of serious campaign savvy, including Tara Sue Grubb, who’s running against the infamous Rep. Howard Coble (of Berman and Coble) for a House seat and may be the first candidate to run her own blog (Sheila Lennon’s coverage of Tara Sue is good). I’d love to see you working with her.