Blogtree: the lineage of blogs…

The newest addition to the nav bar on the left side of this site is my Blogtree link. You can see the blogs that inspired me to start blogging; blogs that were inspired by the same “parents”; and blogs that I’ve inspired there. Kind of a cool idea—and when I checked about 1100 blogs had registered.

Run it up the middle (again and again)

It would appear that the fans of my college football team, the Virginia Cavaliers, can’t take a joke. Greg thinks he caused the problem, but I’m sure that the original poster could have come across the poems in question through Google, where they are hit #6 for the good coach. (Note: The new link for the George Welsh poems is now on this site.)

For what it’s worth, I really respect Welsh. His work as a football coach made us cheer much more often than it made us moan. But in 1993, after watching yet another press conference after a win where he smiled about as much as a man with a gastric ulcer, Tyler, Joe, Patrick and I realized that there was something funny about the thought that this stoic man might have a secret literary life. Hence the poems. Of course half the fun was parodying the lit crit that might surround Welsh’s oeuvre.

Pork Products Transcend

It's fourth and ten, boys, Florida State... You gonna eat that 'wurst, Frank? Damn.


Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic…

Time: Could 9/11 Have Been Prevented? Scary view into how the sloth-like, generally arteriosclerotic processes of government caused a plan to take out Al Qaeda to be lost during the transition between the Clinton administration and the Harken-Halliburton administration. The article details a series of missed opportunities, the detailed warnings that a big attack was coming–and the breakdowns in government function that caused a failure to act. Scary thoughts:

No other great power handles the transition from one government to another in so shambolic a way as the U.S.-new appointments take months to be confirmed by the Senate; incoming Administrations tinker with even the most sensible of existing policies. The fight against terrorism was one of the casualties of the transition, as Washington spent eight months going over and over a document whose outline had long been clear.

Thanks to Scott Rosenberg at Salon for the link. While I was writing this, Dave summed up the essence of the nightmare here: “Sometimes when we bluster and attack aimlessly, we cement relationships between forces that wish us harm.”

Move count: Two Jarretts

Esta moved into a new place in downtown Richmond this weekend. Apparently she’s quite happy with her new place, 6-minute commute and all.

One word of advice to Esta for her new place’s hardwood floors: Swiffers. A finer cleaning product has yet to be seen. Not an employee, just a happy customer. Procter & Gamble really understand their customer too. There’s nothing more satisfying than picking up the Swiffer mop, shuddering at all the dust, hair and other detritus that’s been picked up, then throwing the crap away.