Busy weekend

Sorry for being quiet this weekend. Lisa and I went to visit Shel in Portland on Saturday. Had a great time—a quick lunch and some hardware hunting followed by an afternoon stroll in the Rose Test Garden.

Today has been home project day. Lisa’s long been unsatisfied with the lavender color of our “laundry hall”—which connects the living room to the dining room and the two front bedrooms. The walls were dark, in a space that gets little natural light to begin with. So we found a shade of white called “Snow Ballet” that brightened up the hall considerably. And I had to buy a drill so I could start installing towel rods and so forth in our newly remodeled guest bathroom. I also had a moment of transcendence: sitting in our garage at my workbench (I have a workbench!) sorting screws into a new 37-drawer storage unit that I mounted, I realized I was feeling more peaceful than I had in some weeks. There’s something to be said for ordering your environment and working with your hands.