Virginia vs. Virginia Tech, with a soundtrack

I need to watch the UVA–Virginia Tech game. Nice that ESPN is already giving the Cavs no respect; we’ll see how it goes. I’m afraid to make a prediction, though; I’ve been wrong too many times before this season.

In honor of the game, here’s a little team spirit from 1947. This is ripped from that LP reissue of the 1947 Virginia Glee Club/University of Virginia Band album, and it’s an MP3 of the 1912 fight song that the Glee Club was still performing when I was there. I’ll post another song each time we get some points on the board.

Yell Song, Virginia Glee Club and UVA Band (1947) – Download 1.8 MB MP3

Update: The downloads have been temporarily pulled to reduce my bandwidth consumption. Sorry, folks.