Surviving the Billy Goat Trail

billy goat trail

As mentioned last week, I survived a hike down the Billy Goat Trail (not a surprise given the difficulty of the trail, which was moderate, but more given my general state of fitness).

It was a great hike, made better by the brisk fall air. My calves were really sore by the end thanks to the rocky terrain—even in the “flat” sections, we were walking on the edges of boulders. But there were also points of concern, primarily with the very low level of the river. If there was any question that water is a universal concern this fall, they were erased by my stroll up the Potomac that Saturday morning.

The group as a whole was much more fit than myself, including Jim’s high school friend John Hollinger. (Of Jim’s fitness no doubt is possible.)

I also got a lot of good photos at Jim’s wedding party itself. And by “good” I mean: everyone was presentable, only a few were blurred beyond recognition, and you can’t really tell how much fun we were actually having.