Fun while it lasted

Well fought, Virginia, but in the end we were outmatched. Someday I want to play against Virginia Tech and have enough TDs to post the rest of the tracks from that 1947 album, but not this year.

Now what I want is for Virginia Tech to steamroller Boston College. Why? Because it’ll make a whole lot of people here a lot less smug, and because it would be nice to have an ACC champion in Virginia—even if it’s not in Charlottesville.

Back in reach, 23-21 in the third quarter: “From Rugby Road to Vinegar Hill”

Well, that took a while, but what a series of plays by Virginia! And that was one time that “run it up the middle,” that old George Welsh standby, paid off for the team.

The song for this touchdown is a colorful one, and the 1947 Glee Club omits most of the colorful verses, but you can Google for some of the more fun ones. Can you imagine a student group today cutting a record with the chorus, “I think we need another drink”?

From Rugby Road to Vinegar Hill, Virginia Glee Club and the UVA Band – Download 4.6 MB MP3

Virginia gets on the board, 10-7 in the first quarter: “Hike, Virginia”

First UVA score of the game with just a few minutes left to go in the first quarter. Here’s another track from that 1947 album in honor of UVA getting on the board: “Hike, Virginia” is another fight song, and it looks like Virginia could use the encouragement.

Hike, Virginia, Virginia Glee Club and UVA Band (1947) – Download 1.5 MB MP3

Virginia vs. Virginia Tech, with a soundtrack

I need to watch the UVA–Virginia Tech game. Nice that ESPN is already giving the Cavs no respect; we’ll see how it goes. I’m afraid to make a prediction, though; I’ve been wrong too many times before this season.

In honor of the game, here’s a little team spirit from 1947. This is ripped from that LP reissue of the 1947 Virginia Glee Club/University of Virginia Band album, and it’s an MP3 of the 1912 fight song that the Glee Club was still performing when I was there. I’ll post another song each time we get some points on the board.

Yell Song, Virginia Glee Club and UVA Band (1947) – Download 1.8 MB MP3

Update: The downloads have been temporarily pulled to reduce my bandwidth consumption. Sorry, folks.