Wrap-up, stage 1…


We returned late this afternoon from New Jersey (a visit to my inlaws which bracketed the HDI ITIM conference in Vegas) to find… done. The contractors had been here this week—plumbers, electricians, painters—and the following was completed:

  • Sink and garbage disposal reconnected
  • New drinking water filter and tap installed at sink
  • Dishwasher installed
  • Filter installed in line to icemaker; icemaker active for the first time since refrigerator was installed in 2004
  • Under-cabinet light installed at the butler’s station
  • Front door and shutters painted
  • Flaking trim painted inside
  • Bathroom door painted
  • New toilet installed in bathroom
  • Lots of trash removed from the garage

There’s a lot left to do, but the ongoing Flickr set documents some of the more dramatic changes in the kitchen.