New mix: doin the outside dance

My newest mix, doin’ the outside dance, has been posted to Art of the Mix and iTunes. I’m experimenting with iTunes’ new blog sharing code to put the songs on my site (see below). Unfortunately, only the parts of the mix that are in iTunes show up on the live preview.

The mix is composed of songs that were left over from the last mix… as well as some other odds and ends. I guess that makes it the Amnesiac to the last mix’s Kid A… which hopefully doesn’t mean that I’ll start singing about myxomatosis. It also obeys my informal rule about having songs by Mission of Burma and Big Star on all my mixes.


The deluge appears to have stopped here for the moment, so I can contemplate spending another few hours with the leaves tomorrow, in between painting and other house chores. I figured the few leaves left on our tree wouldn’t be a big burden after I got everything else up on Saturday, but I was wrong, wrong—after Sunday’s rain the back lawn looked like a compost pile. Ah, domesticity. Maybe I’ll get some other stuff done, too; there is at least one mix struggling to be born. In the meantime, we’ll settle for a Random 10:

  1. Sam And Dave, “Soul Man” (Soul Men)
  2. Kim Kashkashian, viola – Stuttgarter Kammerorchester, Dennis Russell Davies, conductor, “Trauermusik” (Lachrymae (Hindemith, Britten, Penderecki ))
  3. The Blind Boys Of Alabama, “Just Wanna See His Face” (Spirit Of The Century)
  4. Thurston Moore, “Psychic Hearts” (Psychic Hearts)
  5. Pixies, “Tame” (Doolittle)
  6. U2, “Stories For Boys” (Boy)
  7. Nina Simone, “Mississippi Goddam” (The Best of Nina Simone)
  8. Richard Hickox; Collegium Musicum 90, “”Paukenmesse”: IV. Sanctus” (Haydn: Te Deum/Paukenmesse/Te Deum)
  9. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, “Shipbuilding” (Punch The Clock [remastered])
  10. Monty Python, “Bookshop” (Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album)