Waiting for the votes to come in

I hate that I’m on the road this week, so I won’t be able to watch the election coverage from the comfort of my own home. But I have to believe that there will be somewhere I’ll be able to watch here in Las Vegas. Not that I want to place any bets on the outcome. This year’s race for the Senate is a real nailbiter.

Two links for the morning. One is an eloquent post from Zalm about the challenges of looking at this race from a Christian perspective, especially in light of the Ted Haggard implosion. The other is a reminder that the Electoral Vote Predictor site, which takes nationwide polling data to predict election outcomes, has been retooled to predict the composition of the US Senate. It’ll be interesting to see if this year’s polling data is any more accurate than two years ago, when the site was predicting Kerry/Edwards in a win for the presidency.