Just curious…

When did the scandal about Mark Foley taking advantage of Congressional pages turn from a scandal about pandering and corruption of minors and become a scandal about his sexuality?

Probably about the same time he became a Democrat (thanks, Bill O’Reilly).

Free clue: the issue should be his handling of a public trust and his hypocrisy, not his sexuality. In this country, in our legal system, and even in our morality, I say we punish the act and not the person.

RSS for plasma?

I’m looking forward to seeing Dave Winer’s next trick. The clues (the space above his couch, an RSS feed with medium to high resolution images) suggest that he’s preparing a new application that reformats the image content of RSS for widescreen displays—with the original application being news images. Am I close, Dave?

I’d happily get on board this train if I’m right and if it’s easy to get working—and doesn’t require a Windows Media PC.