Will there be karaoke?

One of the fun things about working in the software industry is that occasionally you run across some really creative marketing approaches. One company in our space is Pink Elephant, an IT consultancy based in Canada that has really helped to educate the IT market in North America about the importance of process-driven IT management and about the ITIL standard in particular. Their name is great: memorable, with a faintly boozy overtone… just like their conferences.

Which is why I was amused to get a flier for their annual IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition, occurring next February in Las Vegas. The theme? (Leadership, Optimization, Validation, and Excitement). As if that weren’t enough, all the tracks have Beatles song titles in the name (e.g. “You Never Give Me Your Money: ROI and the Financial Realities of ITIL”).

Which brings up two questions:

  1. How long before Apple Corps (or the current Lennon/McCartney song catalog owner) sues Pink for unauthorized use of their copyrighted materials?
  2. Will there be karaoke? Cause I sing a mean “Got to Get You Into My Life.”