Sushi in and around Calgary

aquarium, sushi

I’m back home. Amazingly enough, there were no further travel incidents—unless you count the flight out of Calgary taking off 90 minutes late for no apparent reason, causing me to take a later connection out of Chicago.

While we were in Calgary, I had two sushi experiences. One was a meal at Zen 8, just down the block from Belgo in Penny Lane, where we asked for omikase and got a really nice assortment of stuff—nothing spectacularly weird from the fish perspective but good quality and very reasonable.

The other was a place we saw on Highway 1 on the way in. I looked to my right at a stoplight and noted a sushi restaurant—right next to an aquarium store. “At least it’s fresh,” my co-worker noted. I got a picture of this place and will try to post it tomorrow.

Update (13 Oct 2006): Finally got around to posting the picture on Flickr (and above).