Friday morning reading: White Stripes Nation

Now this is what Blogcritics does at its best: White Stripes Nation, a group blog series that performs critical readings of various seminal White Stripes songs in the context of a manifesto for Jack White as Dictator-For-Life. The first post is beautiful, on a par with the Onion’s classic Clinton Threatens to Drop Da Bomb on Iraq:

Greetings, Comrades. This is a communique from Generalissimo AlbertoBarger regarding the present crisis. The current administration is anabject failure. The Bush regime is weak, and incapable of DecisiveAction. Doing the denial twist in the cold, cold night is insufficient.The People demand change. A state of emergency exists.

Therefore, martial law is hereby declared. A directorate of The People has taken over, and a new executive has been chosen.

We must have a real leader, someone with a track record of realachievement who could impart the required principles of leadership andtradition. On careful examination, The People see that there’s only oneperson fit for the task, a man of achievement equal to the job- a manwith a genuine sense of geometry and theology.

Jack White has been appointed El Presidente for Life…

Go see what other magic Al Barger (er, Generalissimo Alberto Barger) and Legendary Monkey have wrought. ¡Viva la revolución!