Using .Mac as certificate provider for secure mail

Nice hint at MacOSXHints about using the certificate that encrypts iChat sessions in Tiger to authenticate and encrypt mail as well. Timely for me; I haven’t gotten around to renewing my existing certificate that I set up with Thawte, and I think it expires soon (if it hasn’t already).

See my earlier post about issues with signed mail and a link to the process for getting a personal certificate for digital signature use from Thawte.

High tech jobs, just in time for the holidays

To my Boston area readers, as well as anyone interested in relocating: our firm is hiring, just in time for the holiday season. Positions include a senior software QA position, customer support engineer, and a direct field sales position.

At iET Solutions, we, like Gartner, are bullish about the future of the IT Service Management market. We have some exciting new products hitting the market and are making a commitment to grow the company. Now is a good time to check us out.

If you are interested in any of the positions, feel free to contact me with your resume or contact our HR group directly.