Sorta Slashdotted

Hey folks. If things are a little quiet here today, it’s because the Boycott Sony blog is kind of getting Slashdotted at present. “Kind of” because there’s no direct /. link, just a link in a comment on a related article that has still steered almost 900 visits here. At the same time the blog has been linked as related to a BBC article about the situation, so things are a bit hectic. Feel free to stop by and join the discussion.

Not such a bad little tree

Courtesy Boing Boing, the Urban Outfitters version of Charlie Brown’s pathetic Christmas Tree. Someone could bring this to my house at Christmas if they were inclined (hint hint). UO has done a remarkable job of reproducing the pathos of the original animated version, though you have to supply your own security blanket:

urban outfitters charlie brown treecharlie brown animated christmas tree

However, there is some irony here: the point of Charlie Brown’s tree was that, as scrawny and pathetic it was, it was real. Urban Outfitter’s tree is “made of wire branches and plastic needles.”

Update, 2009: The current version of Charlie Brown’s tree at UO now comes with the security blanket… but is still “bendable wire branches and plastic needles.”