A look back

Sometimes I forget how long I’ve been writing this blog: over four years, going on five. Four years ago today, in 2001, I pointed to my friend John Vick’s band Hello Swindon. Four years later, Vick is a family man—congrats, John, on your recent marriage.

Three years ago today, in 2002, I disclosed my struggles with depression for the first time. I won’t lie and say that that is no longer a problem, but I’m certainly a lot better off than I was then, thanks largely to the support of family and friends.

Two years (and a day) ago today, in 2003, I had just returned from Santa Rosa where we tasted some great wine and I got my picture taken with a famous round-headed kid.

And a year ago today, in 2004, I announced my job search. Happily, that one turned out well. I love what I do and wouldn’t be anywhere else right now.