Music tagging (no, the other kind)

I’ve been in a conversation with Fury about tagging music. By tagging, I mean structured metadata rather than the collective slap-a-label-on tagging visible at Flickr and Technorati.

In the course of the discussion I looked up the ID3 site, the home of the standard tagging format used by Windows Media Player, iTunes, and just about everyone else. I was surprised in the list of standard tags in ID3v2.4 to see a few for which I have been hoping, including original artist, original release year, band/orchestra (hopefully a multivalued field!), etc. But the only Mac-friendly tag editor I’ve found that supports these fields is the Jaikoz Audio Tag Editor, which appears to be powerful but ugly.

So the big question is, when will someone come up with a way to add this extra information directly through iTunes? I for one would pony up a shareware fee for that capability.