Gearing up

Tomorrow kicks off a virtual “road month” for me. I’m taking the train to the Brackbill family picnic tomorrow; leaving the picnic early on Sunday to fly to San Francisco for the Pink Elephant ITIL Case Studies Symposium; coming back only to turn around next week for a sales meeting in Stowe, Vermont; then relaxing for a week prior to the Munich trip in mid-September. Hopefully it will be quiet for the rest of September, as I also have a trip to the HDI ITIM conference in early October.

Of all the travel, I’m most looking forward to the trip tomorrow. I get to spend time with my first-cousin-once-removed Johnathan. I spoke to him on the phone for the first time yesterday (when I met him before, he was too busy putting things in his mouth to have learned to speak yet). I’m looking forward to teaching him “A birdie with a load of dirt” and other family jokes.