Multi-button Apple mouse? Hell freezes over

Steve Jobs must be getting a kickback from air conditioning manufacturers, because someone is making a lot of money off hell freezing over: First Mac on Intel, now a multi-button Apple mouse. The Mighty Mouse, as it is known (and for once, Apple has apparently fully licensed the name), doesn’t actually have physical buttons on the top, but you can click the left and right sides of the top to get a left and right click. There’s an embedded trackball for scrolling and left and right side buttons, and everything is customizable.

It’s totally unnecessary, but I ordered one anyway. 🙂

Checking in with Mac OPML

The Mac version of Dave Winer’s OPML Editor got released over the weekend. So far it’s avoiding the main problem that Radio Userland had, the inability to edit a weblog from multiple locations. I logged into the editor with my existing account information and it didn’t create a new blog. It wasn’t obvious, however, that the blog was the same—it’s hard to figure out how to get to previous blog information, such as the outline for the first day of the blog.