One review to rule them all

Ars Technica turns in its usually comprehensive (if not deeply propellerheadish) review on the newest Mac OS X release. Featuring more information than you ever thought you would need on metadata, imaging technologies, kernel extensions, and a little bit about actual user features, it’s by far the most comprehensive review of the OS yet for those who care not just about what their computer does but how it does it—or might be made to.

Mark your calendars: the Boston Symphony y yo

It looks like my debut with the Boston Symphony Orchestra will actually be a Pops concert, or concert series to be precise. I’ll be performing in the Pops’s “Red, White and Blue” program for three performances in June. (I’m intrigued by the listing of an oud soloist on the program; haven’t seen the music yet so anything could be happening with that!) Then in July I’ll be at Tanglewood for Mahler’s Eighth Symphony, which it appears is the “opening night” program.

It’s a good thing my SAT classes are almost over. Rehearsals are about to consume a lot of my time.