Discoveries I’ve made in the last 72 hours

  1. It is possible to drive five hours, teach a class, answer email, pack, sleep, grade papers, have a job interview, drive a long distance, teach another class, drive to New Jersey, sleep, and drive to North Carolina in the span of two and a half days.
  2. …. That’s it, really.
  3. Except to note that there’s not a lot between Providence, RI and New Haven, CT when you’re driving along I-95 between the two points at 10 PM. (Or, one suspects, at other times.)
  4. And that you aren’t allowed to take pictures from the top deck of the George Washington Bridge.
  5. And that even slow music can keep you awake if you play it really loud.
  6. And that the Natural Bridge is worth a look if you’ve never been.
  7. And that April in Virginia and North Carolina sometimes means 80° days. (I knew that, but had forgotten it.)
  8. And that a memory-card-enabled printer and a USB flash memory keychain drive make an acceptable, if dog-slow, workaround to get your photos if you left your camera’s cable at home.
  9. And that lists are fun.
  10. And that I have no idea what has been happening for the last two days and I should really go to bed.