It’s been a hard couple of days, for whatever reason. I have had bursts of morning energy followed by absolute collapse in the afternoons. Not sure what’s going on, but it might be one of the following, presented in increasing order of likeliness:

  • my mono (which I somehow caught in college) might be relapsing
  • my hereditary thyroid problem might finally be surfacing
  • the Black Dog might still have a big paw on my chest (unlikely for a number of reasons that will shortly be disclosed)
  • the allergist at MGH who determined that I had no seasonal allergies, only allergies to dust mites, might have been wrong
  • Or I might just be catching up on sleep after a week of hard driving (including time spent driving to SAT prep classes and on my big vacation spree, I spent about 44 hours behind the wheel from Sunday the 3rd to Tuesday the 13th)

I hope it’s not the last one. I have about ten more hours of driving this weekend: down to New Jersey to collect my family and return everyone back home, where there will be a newly finished (though probably not painted) doorway in the kitchen.