Proving once again…well, something, I don’t know, the United Church of Christ issued a press release unequivocally welcoming SpongeBob Squarepants to the UCC after his “outing” by nasty intolerant bigot James Dobson. (Thanks to The Village Gate for the link.) Ups to the UCC for being the one Christian voice to consistently oppose the uncharitable utterances of the wingnuts who monopolize faith discussions these days—no matter how silly they look in responding.

I have to keep remembering, as Steven Waldman puts it, that the religious right and social conservatives “don’t want a religious dictatorship,” “feel they’re under assault,” and “believe that American culture has become an insult to God.” I’m not sure that excuses Dobson from looking for evidence of creeping homosexuality in every animated feature that comes down the pike. Then again, the Rev. Wildmon went after “Lonesome Dove” and “The Wonder Years” in the 1980s (not to mention “Bloom County”), so I guess Dobson is just following in Wildmon’s creepy footsteps.