How deep’s the snowdrift, Papa? 3 feet high and rising


No kidding. We got a solid 22–26″ of snow starting at about 5 PM last night and continuing right up until now, with the plow drifts at greater than three feet. Right after breakfast, during a lull in the storm, I got the snowblower out and cleared the driveway, and it was a good thing—more than a few drifts had crested above the top of the snowblower mouth, and I had to really get creative to clear out the driveway entrance. (And, of course, when I had just put the snowblower away, the plow came back and I had to go and shovel again.)

This has been a hell of a storm. Local TV is calling it a “winter hurricane”—some coastal regions are seeing gusts up to 60 MPH and there is an “eye” to the storm. (Coverage of the storm:, New York Times, BBC.)

We bought a lot of groceries, and I’m looking forward to doing some cooking this afternoon as soon as my fingers warm up.