I am, finally, legally recognized as a resident of Massachusetts. As I wrote on Friday, I’ve had some adventures with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Lisa and I went together on Monday with the objective of changing our Washington State drivers’ licenses, and getting our cars registered in the state. That’s four transactions (two drivers, two cars). On the first date, we managed exactly one transaction: Lisa’s driver’s license. We had a cable bill in her name, but at that point, no proof that I resided in Massachusetts; and our insurance agent hadn’t signed our proof-of-insurance papers.

The next day I took care of some preliminary insurance stuff, and then returned to the RMV. I got my car registered, but not Lisa’s (we didn’t realize she had to sign her form). And I couldn’t get my drivers’ license, because I had an as-yet-un-notarized copy of our mortgage papers but no other proof of our identity. So far: two trips to the RMV, each time waiting at least two hours; two transactions in total completed. I was scoring one-for-one.

A smart man would have concluded that I had two more trips to the RMV coming and planned accordingly. I optimistically returned with different proof of residence and Lisa’s signed paperwork on Wednesday. Result: Lisa’s car was now registered, but my drivers’ license was not yet issued, as my other proof of residence was not accepted either.

Today I returned with our checkbook, which had my name and address in it, and got my driver’s license issued.

Four RMV visits, four successful transactions. But we’re finally legal.