Slow progress

Setting a land speed record in reverse, it took us two weeks and two days before we painted a room in the Arlington house. Our living room, previously an anonymous cream color, is now a nice yellow. (Compare this with our Kirkland house, where we painted the living room on my second day in the house.)

I also assembled a manual, “reel”-style lawn mower and mowed our grass for the first time. If possible, this house has even less grass than the Kirkland house.

Finally, I started to get the storage and workbench area into shape today. For one thing, there’s now power in the room, in the form of an extension cord.

If you’re getting the feeling that things are starting to get a little slow here…well, yeah, it was a slow weekend. But I can’t say I’m not glad to have a day go by without demolition or plumbing problems.