Photopeer gets noticed

Looks like Jonathan Greene at atamspheric | endeavors has also found PhotoPeer. He calls out one factor that I found with the app as well: it’s hard to evaluate a peer-to-peer application unless there are a lot of people already using it. And because PhotoPeer is an “invitation only” peer to peer network with no central bindery, it’s not possible to discover other users—unless of course they blog about it.

NY Times reactivates Dining and Wine feed

A few weeks ago I wrote an impassioned e-mail to the feedback contact for the Dining and Wine section of the New York Times online, requesting they reactivate the RSS feed for the section that had gone dormant when they started providing their own feeds. Yesterday I noticed the feed was active again, and today I found it listed as “new” on their main RSS page.

Am I responsible for getting the feed reactivated? I doubt it. But it gave me a good feeling to know that I let them know how much I appreciated the feed.

Incidentally, it looks like the Times has also added an RSS feed for the Olympics.