I did get a chance to try out the iTalk (which I mistakenly called the iMic a few posts back) yesterday. It worked, mostly. I held the mic too close the first time and got lots of unlistenable too-loud audio. The second time was OK but I was incoherent. The third time? It didn’t record at all for some reason.

Which was too bad, as I was actually babbling something that would have classified as “seeing vapor trails.” (Technically the following could be considered a “spoiler.”) My babbling involved an elaborate reading of “Kill Bill” as an inverse Odyssey with the Bride as Penelope having to fight her way home to Odysseus, who is waiting for her with her child. Along the way she has many picturesque fights, including one with a cyclops. Finally the couple is reunited. And then Penelope kills Odysseus. (OK, so Ulysses it ain’t.)