Green buildings and corrugated pavement

Charlie, Carie, Lisa and I went for dinner last night at the Legal Sea Foods in Kendall Square in Cambridge. Carie took us in through our original Cambridge neighborhood, passing by Worthington Place along 3rd Street. We saw all the buildings that had been in the process of being piledriven into shape during our residence in the loft there. One, the new Genzyme building, has apparently won a five-star award for environmentally friendly building. (Of course, one wonders whether Genzyme is really doing so well as to need another building in Cambridge right now.)

Ironically, as we were admiring the environmentally friendly building, our teeth were collectively jolted from our heads as we rode over the patchwork that is 3rd Street between Binney and Broadway.

When we got to Legal Sea Foods, we had a 40 minute wait, thanks to the horde of Wellesley graduates that were there. Carie asked why they would come so far, and I had to point out that Wellesley and MIT have a long standing connection. (There’s actually a bus that runs between the two campuses on the weekends. This bus is probably responsible for the T-shirt my old housemate Dina told us about: “MIT Men: The odds are good but the goods are odd.”)