Cathy Woolard and her blog-savvy campaign staff

Looking for an Internet candidate in this election year? Cathy Woolard has just declared for the US House of Representatives in the Fourth Congressional District in Georgia. (Cathy, who will be Georgia’s first openly gay congressional candidate, is an outspoken opponent of state bans on gay marriage who has been active in local politics for a long time.) Greg Greene, who has done work for her over the years and who blogs at Blog For Democracy and the Political State Report as well as at the Green[e]house, wants to know whether the campaign should hop on the Internet bandwagon with blogging, online fundraising, and all the rest.

Me? I think in these days of limited soft money contributions, getting micropayments online from progressive, tech-savvy bloggers and blog readers is probably one of the surest bets. And picking up the Dean modus operandi on behalf of a real live candidate, and taking all the way through a win in November, is the surest way I can think of to get national press.

Get out there and pound some doors, online and off, Greg.