About vinyl

What is it about vinyl? Really? (Yes, I’m talking about records, not clothing…) I found a good used music store in the U-District tonight and walked out with a handful of records—all stuff I had on CD, all early and mid 80s records: the Police’s Synchronicity and Ghost in the Machine, Sting’s first solo album, U2’s The Unforgettable Fire.

Common thread? The CDs, made early in the technology, sound … a bit thin to my ears now. I want to hear what the vinyl, made at the most mature stage of that technology, sounds like.

And Simon and Garfunkel’s The Graduate soundtrack? That’s just for kicks.

Why blogs matter, by the Kennedy School

The next time someone asks you what blogs are good for, tell them, “Well, according to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, they kept the heat on Trent Lott for his racist tribute to Strom Thurmond and forced Lott’s resignation as speaker of the House.” Read the case study (PDF) here; it may be the most impressive write-up on the power of weblogs that I’ve seen yet. (Courtesy Scripting News; and of course Dave’s fingerprints are all over this case.)