That’s no planetoid. It’s a battle station.

completed diorama of the death star in legos

Am I the only one who thought about this line from the first Star Wars movie when the announcement came out about the tenth planet (or planetoid, as the case may be)?

Of course, I also can’t pass up a chance to point out other battle stations, in this case made of Legos. Here’s the second Death Star as a full size sculpture, and over seventy pictures of an incredibly detailed minifig-scale multi-level diorama of all the scenes that took place in the first Death Star. All I can say is, I thought I was obsessive, but I was wrong.

The RSS feed of everything imaginable

The Shifted Librarian points to RSS feeds from Probably best known as the home of the Wayback Machine, which lets you see web sites as they were during selected points in time in the past, the Archive also houses lots of amazing content, including digital versions of the Prelinger archive, old software, and lots and lots of music.

The RSS feed of their master collection is fascinating. Live performances by Soul Coughing, Gary Jules, Howie Day, From Good Homes, and others are listed right now, and I’m guessing there’s some fascinating other stuff if you dig deeper below the last fifty items.

Coming up

I’ve been a bit under the weather for the last four or five days; a weird kind of cold that started in the throat, with totally clear sinuses, but which has in the last day migrated up into my face. At least I’m on familiar territory.

Our guys have completely recovered from their “tutoring” and are once again making pests of themselves in the garden. We haven’t yet succeeded in training them to only uproot weeds. Maybe with time.

Thanks to my cold, I’m feeling a bit basso profundo. Thankfully I have another two weeks before my first solo at church—if eight notes total are considered a solo. After that, it’s not a full week until our performance of the Brahms Requiem (also known as the German Requiem, but it feels silly calling it that when you’re going to perform it in English).