Tallying the scores

Continuing the “rate the airport” madness with O’Hare and Logan:


  • 1 point for having a Starbucks open at 5 am.
  • -1 point for no WiFi.
  • -2 points for having non-functional electrical outlets in the Terminal C seating areas.
  • -1 point for the light show on the people mover between terminals B and C, and the approximately five distinct echoing messages warning in canon that the moving walkway was ending. No, make that -5 points. In my jetlagged state, I thought I’d never get out of there alive.

Total: -7 points.


  • -1 point for no restaurants in the United terminal other than a Starbucks.
  • 1 point for having finally rebuilt the ground transportation center at C terminal so that there is a separate curb for buses and shuttles.
  • 1 point for an authentically cranky driver who nevertheless actually told the scared folks I was with how to catch the Blue Line to get downtown to Government Center.
  • 1 point for having good GSM signal at the airport so I could check my email on my phone on the way to the train.
  • 2 points for being accessible by the T.

Total: 4 points and the winner.

Notice I didn’t say I was being objective with these…