On my way: scoring SeaTac

I’m scoring the airports on this trip, because I know something is going to go sideways on the flight and it will be interesting to try to compare the experience objectively.


  • No line at the United counter, 1 point (of course it’s for an 11:30 pm flight).
  • Only one metal detector open, with a screener who wants to see everyone’s pass after the person at the head of the line already checked it: – 1 point.
  • Not setting off the metal detector with my glasses or my shoes: 1 point.
  • WiFi in the terminal, 2 points. – 1 point for WayPort paid rather than free (but at least it’s a paid service that I already subscribe to).
  • No one at the gate to check if I can get exit row seats, – 1 point.
  • No travel services open in the N gates: -1 point.

So far SeaTac is pretty neutral (or, less favorably, scores a big goose egg).