But does it julienne?

Cool article on Mobitopia about all the uses to which one can put the humble Nokia 3650 camera phone. I wonder when Apple will make iCal sync with the calendar on this phone??? Other capabilities: web browsing (I’ll have to check out the Doris Web Browser), integrated all-in-one chat client (which will probably break as Yahoo and other vendors close their IM networks to third-party clients); file viewers for plain text, PDF, Word, PowerPoint; mobile fax capability; and more.

Looks like the business opportunity here is for a carrier to actually install and configure all the software for you, so you don’t have to burn minutes and time doing the downloads.

Happy birthday Lisa

Today is my beautiful wife’s birthday; please spare a minute to wish her a happy day. Our big celebration will actually be a few weeks from now, coinciding with our anniversary, when we return to Boston for a little visit and mini-vacation.

Last night’s meetup

Good time last night at Uptown Espresso, despite the inability to access their WiFi (you had to have signed up for an account before you got there; as I said last night, you could buy, but they weren’t selling). As always, Jake has an attendee list. Some new attendees including Radical Congruency (a theological blog) and fellow Microsoftie JP Stewart (who I missed somehow at previous meetups). And Top Pot donuts are insidious little things.

PES’s “roof sex” furniture ad made quite an impression; as promised, here’s the link (since I last linked it in 2001, AdCritics has changed its business model and you can’t find it there anymore without paying). All I can say is, Wahoowa.