Oh, the joys of homeownership

I just got done fixing our second ever plumbing emergency. Lisa had called to me from our guest bathroom, where she was rinsing a sponge mop in the tub. “I can’t get the faucet to turn off,” she said. After some swearing from both of us, I went down into the crawlspace and turned off the water supply (to all the indoor faucets, as it turned out). We then disassembled the faucet handle, only to find a broken piece inside; the handle was no longer capable of shutting off the water.

We got a replacement faucet handle from Lowe’s, installed it, turned the water back on—and it worked. First time.

The next thing to do will be to call Moën, who built the darn thing, and chew them out. I think the handle has a lifetime warranty. Hopefully we can get some help…