On the road again

A few quick notes as I begin my brief vacation:

  • I normally fly Delta, or United when absolutely necessary. But if I had not flown American today I would never have known that there’s an enormous Robert Rauschenberg piece hanging in Terminal C at SeaTac.
  • You know you’re in Seattle when the line at the Terminal C Starbucks is longer than the line for the security checkpoint. I was especially impressed with their demand management system, though: one barista came out pushing a cart full of different sized cups, took everyone’s order, noted the order on the cups, then went back and had the order made by the time we got to the front of the line.
  • The WiFi in Terminal C is good. Thanks to the really large Intel Centrino signs everywhere, it’s easier to find a strong hot spot than a power outlet. Go, go, Wayport membership…
  • Finally, the irony of traveling to the recently blacked out East Coast to attend a celebration of steam power has not escaped me.