BloggerCon, and you’re invited

Have I commented yet on the terrible irony that I left Boston and its environs just as Dave Winer, the Blogfather, was moving there? Yes? Ok, moving on to the main topic: BloggerCon, the first convention specifically for bloggers, is October 4 at Harvard Law. Registration online. The conference is invitation only, which may explain why I can’t find all the details on the main site, but here’s some goodies from the invitation:

4. Presenters include Glenn Reynolds, Joshua Marshall, Doc Searls, Scott Rosenberg, Adam Curry, Elizabeth Spiers, Jim Moore, Susan Mernit and more. Moderators: Lance Knobel, Ed Cone, Christopher Lydon and myself. And new discoveries, people we hadn’t heard about until we set out to find the most interesting and eclectic blogs and bloggers.

5. We’re going to talk about how weblogs are used in politics, business, journalism, the law, medicine, engineering and education. And it’s Harvard so you know it tastes good and is good for you too. ;->…8. Our local host committee of Boston-based bloggers includes Cluetrain author David Weinberger, InfoWorld’s Jon Udell, author Halley Suitt, MIT’s Andrew Grumet and Tracey Adams, Harvard librarian Jessica Baumgart and Larry Bouthillier from Harvard Business School.

Maybe I can talk Lisa into a trip back East for a four or five day weekend…