Once around the block

From the keiretsu:

  • Esta writes about the Episcopalian decision to ordain a gay bishop, and some subsequent fallout in that community: “The greater public sees a large proportion of believers being hateful, and the church wonders why its numbers are dwindling?” The interesting part of that process, in my opinion, is the way the allegations of child abuse and pornography sprung up in the eleventh hour, but were quickly defused. Makes you wonder…
  • Got an IM from Greg this morning confirming the arrival of my birthday gift, the first CD I burned using this machine. If anyone else is curious, I posted the play order over at Art of the Mix.
  • Flangy points out the one thing I didn’t in my update marathon last night: it rained here. Shortly after I put the sprinkler on our tomatoes. He also wishes for categorized RSS feeds. Unfortunately Manila doesn’t provide those out of the box, but there’s an RSS plugin available that I use to roll mine.