Making progress…but not on company time

I narrowed the problem with iTunes2Manila down last night. It’s got to be in the code that handles creating and posting the news item to Manila; the sister script (iTunes2TextEdit) works fine putting the same information into a TextEdit document, so the disappearance of the track information must be happening somewhere else.

I haven’t made much progress on my apps recently, largely because:

  • I’m employed and doing anything with them on company time would be crazy stupid
  • We are still catching up with the house–the garden and general house improvements and unpacking continue to take a lot of time
  • My wife works east coast hours and I need to maximize the time that I can have with her, meaning after dinner programming is a no-no
  • I finally got the Diablo II Expansion Set working (I had had a damaged Diablo II install disc, which prevented me from installing the expansion set), and I’m addicted again.

I think I’m going to have to schedule my late nights. Programming Monday, Diablo Tuesday, unpacking Wednesday…