Grab bag: Kagan and cacophony

A Good First Day for Kagan | Talking Points Memo Andrew Pincus is doing some first rate blogging of the Elena Kagan confirmation hearings. (tags: supremecourt kagan) Cacophony of Psalms: First rehearsal « Just Another Bass Just Another Bass gives some insight into the pleasures of working with John Oliver and the TFC. (tags: tfc […]

TFC back to the 4th

Tonight on local news station WBZ, there’s a good look at the Tanglewood Festival Chorus. I didn’t realize it had been a full decade since we’d been at the Hatch Shell for July 4th. (Also: WBZ, would it kill you to provide an embed link for your videos?)

Blogdentity crisis

In the beginning of my tenth year of blogging I find myself thinking more and more about what my blog is for. In the early part of the decade I thrived on reading blogs, because no one else that I knew was doing it and no one else knew what was going on. The tech […]

Grab bag: iBooks and two annoying things

Send websites and docs to iBooks – Mac OS X Hints Nifty tip for easily filling up your iBooks bookshelf while you surf. (tags: ibooks ipad iphone) Another Nail in the Pageview Coffin | Mike Industries MSNBC’s new redesign moves away from pageview inflating tricks. I say it’s about time. (tags: advertising journalism msnbc) In […]

Glee Club president search

Over at the Virginia Glee Club Wiki, I’ve embarked on a mini-project-within-a-project, trying to find and list as many presidents of the Glee Club as possible. So far, we’ve got 37 presidents named, including five whose last names begin with M and a full nine Bs. (Still working on getting a representative set of data […]

Step 2: ???

Regwall cuts The Times’s online readership in half – Boing Boing Shocked, shocked, I am. (tags: internet)

My first Pops Independence Day concert

This Fourth of July will be a first for me. After five years of membership in the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, I’ve hit the big time. Bigger than singing with James Levine? With Sir Colin Davis? With Renée Fleming? Maybe. I’ll be singing my first Fourth of July concert with the Boston Pops, as a member […]

Grab bag: Free designs and (un)free culture

Finally | a fluid Hicksdesign | The Hickensian | Hicksdesign Amazing transforming page that goes from one column to 4 based on browser width. Very nice. (tags: css webdesign) The Right Balance on Copying – Mind the Gap ASCAP vs. copyright holders… no one wins. (tags: copyright)

On being on the Business Blogs list on

For about the past week, my blog has been linked from the Business page of Which is odd, because this isn’t really a business blog. Sometimes I write about technology strategy, occasionally about marketing; frequently about product management. But you’re just as likely to find posts about music, or turning 40, or the history […]

Things that make you feel old

I have a few more years before I cross the rubicon of 40, and I don’t spend much time dwelling on that approaching milestone. And yet, there are days… Today, it wasn’t observing the greying roots in the mirror, or wishing another friend well as they turned 40. No, it was paging through the second […]

Grab bag: new technology roundup

A List Apart: Articles: Taking Advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 with Modernizr Smart JavaScript library for detecting and taking advantage of new CSS3 capabilities. (tags: html5 javascript css) Slashdot Technology Story | Google Adds OCR To PDF and Images Brilliant. I have 140 years of Virginia Glee Club concert programs to run through this. (tags: […]

Upgrade day: iOS 4.0 (with iTunes 9.2), WordPress 3.0

For reasons best known to my shrink (maybe I wasn’t exposed to enough risk as a child?), I decided to tackle two major upgrades yesterday. Of course iOS 4.0 was released yesterday, so I had to get multi-tasking working; but WordPress 3.0 was also released last Thursday and I figured it was time to check […]

Grab bag: Bored, bundling, book-scribbles

Laurie Anderson is bored with the avant-garde – Music News: Artists. Songs. Videos – Interesting interview with Laurie Anderson at the cusp of something new. (tags: music laurieanderson) Daring Fireball: Apple’s System Apps Trenchant observations on the philosophy of bundling, or unbundling, features in releases. It’s a subtlety that most people don’t think about […]

Father’s Day 2010

I’m a relatively new father; my daughter is 3 and a half. So I can perhaps be forgiven my surprise at enjoying Father’s Day as much as I did this year. When I was growing up, I didn’t really understand what Father’s Day was all about. I always felt lame with the poor excuses for […]

Grab bag: Cocoa Flash Player, WordPress 3.0 and other geekery

Create IVR applications in minutes :: QuickFuse Drag and drop IVR in the browser — interesting stealth mode startup that’s launching Monday. (tags: startup) Daring Fireball Linked List: Flash Player 10.1 Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux Flash Player 10.1 makes a big transition from Carbon to Cocoa. Going to do some testing tonight […]