Back from the weekend

I never got back to working on IM and weblogs on Saturday. We spent the morning at Pike Place Market. In the afternoon Lisa and I finally installed Roman blinds on the roof panels of our “solarium” — a little bay next to the kitchen and dining room, it’s constructed from six patio window panes, three slanting up from the floor meeting three slanting down with the roof line. Unfortunately we also found out that there are serious leaks around all the panes when I tried to wash them. More contractors, more $.

Sunday we took Lisa’s dad to Mass and did some gardening. The soil in the bed next to the driveway is packed like concrete and very sandy, so we are concluding sadly that we’re going to lose one or two of the rhododendron bushes that the previous owners left. (They weren’t planted in shade anyway, so they were pretty much doomed.) I dug out a couple 1.5 foot holes for some Tuscan rosemary–besides being tasty, the plant also gets really cool blue flowers which should look nice. Hopefully they’ll do better than the rhododendron. I finished the day by washing both our cars for the first time since we’ve moved. Then finally I rolled Lisa’s car INTO THE GARAGE–yes, we’ve finally unpacked or moved enough stuff to make that possible, though you can’t open any doors on the passenger side when it’s in. A red letter day by any measure.