Grab bag: All kinds of revolting

Sammy’s Steak Den up in smoke

It’s a bad morning for old friends. It seems that Sammy’s Steak Den suffered a pretty bad fire this morning. A family lunch destination in Newport News when I was growing up for years, I remember the food almost as much as I do the waitresses and the clown painting on the wall. My dad had been going to it since before I was born.

It was a classic Greek burger and steak joint, with big burgers, mountains of fries, tasty (and cheap) steaks, and Greek salads (though honestly mostly I remember the burgers and the fries). I hope they’re able to rebuild; I was looking forward to taking my family some day.

Update: The original link is borked, but there are two follow-ups: it was an electrical fire sparked by a faulty outlet, and the structure has been condemned. So if they’re going to reopen it won’t be there. Waaaaaah, indeed.

Remembering Steve Bognaski

I learned this morning that a Virginia Glee Club friend, Steve Bognaski, died two months ago on Valentine’s Day of a heart attack. He was 38, and left a wife and two children.

I’m kind of flabbergasted. Steve always was one of the most bighearted guys I knew, full of life, a dedicated singer, and capable of highly vocal joy. It doesn’t seem fair that he’s gone.

I count myself fortunate that I was able to meet up with him when I was in Charlotte in September 2007 for the iTSMF show. He was excited about his family’s upcoming move to Suffolk, Virginia. I am sorry I didn’t see him more often in the time since graduation.