Sammy’s Steak Den up in smoke

It’s a bad morning for old friends. It seems that Sammy’s Steak Den suffered a pretty bad fire this morning. A family lunch destination in Newport News when I was growing up for years, I remember the food almost as much as I do the waitresses and the clown painting on the wall. My dad had been going to it since before I was born.

It was a classic Greek burger and steak joint, with big burgers, mountains of fries, tasty (and cheap) steaks, and Greek salads (though honestly mostly I remember the burgers and the fries). I hope they’re able to rebuild; I was looking forward to taking my family some day.

Update: The original link is borked, but there are two follow-ups: it was an electrical fire sparked by a faulty outlet, and the structure has been condemned. So if they’re going to reopen it won’t be there. Waaaaaah, indeed.

6 thoughts on “Sammy’s Steak Den up in smoke”

  1. My cynic alarm went off noting the time of the fire and I’m hoping the owners weren’t in economic hard times and set the place on fire for insurance purposes

    there’s been a minor string of such things happening in SoCal

  2. The comments thread on the second link I posted tends to agree with you, Mr. Hawkins. But I’m skeptical. I think it’s more likely that faulty electrical outlet plus 50 years of awesome fry grease = conflagration.

  3. Oh MAN. I hate to hear this. Wasn’t this the place where the Hines Middle School class lunches would happen?

    BTW, love the photo in your banner, or whatever that thing at the top of your blog is called.

  4. You’re thinking of the one further down Jefferson Ave–I think it was Sammy and Nick’s. This one is close to the intersection of Jefferson & Denbigh.

    Which photo did you see? I’ve got it on a rotator.

  5. this fire was an electrcal problem. i have worked there for years and i know these people like family. i was the waitress coming to open when i came on scene, it was devasating for me and all the customers, anyone who knows our resturant family knows we are there to make everyone feel at home and part of us.we will be open again and hope everyone will join us for the great food and hospitatilty.

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