Fragging the Republican Leadership

It’s interesting how “open declarations of war” in the blogosphere sometimes have a way of starting something big. From my experience, it took kicking the rhetoric up to the declaration-of-war level to get people talking honestly about the rights of customers not to be treated as criminals.

Now comes this: An Open Declaration of War Against The House Republican Leadership. It’s interesting enough to contemplate voters rebelling against the Republicans who continue to reward corrupt members of their ranks, but this is something else: this is, the right-wing blogging site.

And while it’s fun to watch the good old-fashioned fragging going on, I have to wonder how many more of these events it will take before the GOP breaks ranks in a serious way and re-aligns without the dead weight that is currently dragging the party down.

Certification for Product Managers?

I suppose it’s indicative of my circuitous route to product management (through software development, consulting, and business development) that I was unaware that there is a professional certification for product managers through the Product Development and Management Association. If any of my product manager friends are reading this, I’m curious about the value of the certification. When I was doing my job search, I don’t remember anyone ever asking about NPDP.