Forget the VPAC, here come the MMRSS

Via Smilin’ Tyler, Murdering Masonic Reptilian Shape-Shifters. Looks like fell asleep between the 6 o’clock news and reruns of V: The Final Battle and decided that they were being threatened by human-reptilian hybrids. Favorite line: “In the duration my brother Ken kept getting struck from behind in the skull by assailants using what appeared to be heavy boards or bats on the top of his skull, the attacks occurred when he went to get mail, go to his garage, walk to get a newspaper.” Reminiscent of Woody Allen’s line, “The creatures motioned to me to come forward, which I did, and they injected me with a fluid that caused me to smile and act like Bopeep.”

Right up there with my old friend VPAC, my friends the Vampire Piranha Arsonist Clown… Deer. No, I don’t know where the D went in that acronym, either. And the whole story behind VPAC will have to wait for another time.